I was talking with a couple who booked their location only based on pics they saw online. I knew this location and it’s much smaller than the pics make it seem. When we met up at the location, they realized how small it really was and realized it would be very hard to accommodate their needs. Now they were faced with looking at alternatives since their wedding is in a few months.

How can you avoid this same thing happening to you?

Choosing a location that has everything you want and need can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Determine how much space you want & need.
    • The more space you have, the better – especially now.
    • Is there enough space to fit everyone comfortably for your ceremony and/or reception, your DJ/band, dancing, and the rest of your layout?
    • Is there a place for people to go wander off and check out [such as a golf course or park]  or is it more contained – an important factor if you want to keep everyone close by during your reception.
  • Think about the style of places you like.
    • Does it fit within your storyline or theme?
      • Are you looking for something very elegant and classy? Something rustic or casual? Deciding on this will steer in your in the right direction.
    • What’s the overall look & feel? Can you see yourself celebrating the start of your new life together here?
  • Look at any limitations it may have.
    • Does it have time restrictions? If so, what are they and can you make that work?
    • Do they have their own set-up & clean-up crew or do you need to provide that?
    • Is there sufficient/reliable power for those that need it – DJ/band, caterer, photographer?
    • Does it have sufficient heat or AC? Something you don’t want to overlook. Remember the more comfortable your guests are, the better time they’ll have…and they’ll stick around too.
    • Is it easy to get to or will you need to provide very clear directions to your guests?
  • If possible, always see any place you’re considering, especially if you live in the area. Don’t judge solely on photos you see online. They can be very misleading, especially if it’s from a different angle. If you’re not in the area, have a friend/family member see it for you. If that’s not an option, have the location send you a detailed map with dimensions. 

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