Now that more weddings are happening, I’m talking with lots of couples about their day. I wanted to share with you important info you need to think about before your big day arrives. By thinking about it before, you’ll avoid panic and scrambling around at the last minute – not all that fun at your wedding.

Here are some important things you need to think about BEFORE your wedding:

  • Communication: The need for communication and collaboration by your wedding team is crucial to the success of your wedding. Now more than ever before, everyone must be on the same page. I’ll say it again – ALL must be on the same page. Communication must take place in advance as much as possible, keeping in mind things may change leading up to and during your wedding. With the right game plan, you’ll be able to navigate through any changes with ease. Your Master of Ceremonies [MC] needs to communicate during your reception so all guests know what’s happening and exactly what to do. Don’t assume your guests will catch on with what they’re supposed to do. Since your MC is your spokesperson at your wedding, they [and you] should know the most about your wedding so they can communicate the right details. Ask your MC for guidance during your planning sessions. They will help you.
  • Guidelines: Different venues may have different guidelines, so be sure to ask your venue what their policy and guidelines are. Make sure you know and understand what their guidelines are. Do they even have any? If they don’t run!
  • Timeline: You may have to re-adjust your timeline in case you have a shorter reception. You may opt to have all formal dances, such as your 1st & parent dances, done at the beginning. In case anyone really important to you has to leave early for health reasons, travel, etc, they’ll still be able to see these important parts.
  • Lay-out: Your lay-out may have to change to allow more space. Pack a tape measure next time you visit your venue. If needed, measure out the required distance needed for everything to be placed. Have your venue send you an updated floor plan so you can prepare in advance. Also keep in mind your dance floor size may need to be changed.
  • No: Be prepared to hear “NO” more. This might be from your venue, day-of coordinator, planners, entertainment, photographer, etc. The 1 thing you really wanted to do, may have to be changed [by a little or a lot]. Please understand, this is due to changes in safety – yours and everyone else’s – and safety is paramount. Ask your wedding pros if they have an alternative idea – they just might and maybe it’s better than your original thought.
  • Other Days: Think about having daytime events, outdoors in a tent, a backyard, maybe a different day of the week. I’m seeing way more weekday weddings than before. The food tastes the same, the drinks are still refreshing, the music is just as awesome, and your guests will still be super excited to share your wedding day with you!

This is just a sample of some of the big items for you to think about as you plan the biggest day of your life. I’m here to help you – contact me at to see how you can deliver a party no one wants to leave.

About the Author, JP Lacey

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