You just said “Yes!”and now you’re all amped up to start planning an incredible wedding!

Maybe you’re thinking “Ok, soooo where the heck do I start?”

Great question and I’m here to help you.

The 1st thing you should do is get out some paper and jot down anything you can’t live without at your wedding. Don’t worry about how you’ll do it just yet. Just write down any and all ideas that pop into your mind. And have your fiancé do it too and then compare. You may be surprised at what you find out. This is ok. Now’s the time to see any differences between you so you have plenty of time to work through them.

Maybe there’s a place you’ve always dreamed of getting married at or having your reception at. Really into barns for that popular rustic vibe? Have a great lake house that makes the perfect backdrop to your party? Great – jot it down.

You might want specific types of food or drinks. Some couples choose a particular place to host their reception because of the amazing food. Does a drink remind you of your fiancé every time you have it? I remember a couple that brought in beer from their hometown to serve to their guests. This was an easy way to bring more of their personality to their reception. It was a big hit as it was something that most of their guests never had before. If you’re a huge fan of backyard grilling, you may want a simple grilled menu that really tastes like summer. Maybe there’s a certain caterer that can whip up fantastic food. Add it to your list.

Gotta have incredible music? Write down any characteristics you’d love to have from a DJ. It may be someone to really customize everything said, played and done for you or a DJ who can captivate your friends and family during your celebration. Maybe you saw a DJ or band that would be the perfect fit for you.

There might be something that really caught your eye from another event such as a concert or show of some sort. Write down what it was and why it caught your eye. There may be a way for you to have something like this created just for you.

Other things you may want include particular decor & design options, a certain flower depending on the season, or a photographer/videographer that you know will capture every emotion for you.

Whenever something pops into your mind, add it to your list. Your list will help you as you plan and create. Use it as a reference. You never know when an idea will become gold!

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