I was re-writing my listing on wedding wire today and I came across their recommended questions people should ask their DJ. So, I decided to interview myself and here it is…


How would you describe your style?

Adaptive. It depends on what you’re needing and wanting. I have 2 distinct roles at your wedding – your MC [Master of Ceremonies] & DJ. Both require very different skillsets and styles. I’m professionally trained in both. Everything said, played and done is intentionally designed just for you. This is a process that takes time to create and that’s why you and I work together right from the start.

As your MC, I adapt to the vibe you want to create. I lean more towards formal and engaging with your friends and family. It’s my job to make sure they want to pay attention to what’s about to happen as I’m introducing it. When I’m preparing & writing for each part of your reception, I ask myself “Why should this matter to them”? When people feel included and part of your reception, they can’t wait to see what’s happening next. Why not keep them excited – people want to be entertained, now more than ever before.

As your DJ, I play what the people in front of me want and need. You and I work very closely right from the start so I understand who you are and who will be at your wedding. Once I know this, only then can we begin to craft your soundtrack. I love surprising people with the unexpected and have them think “Wow, what a great tune – I’ve never heard that version before” & “Oh man, I haven’t heard this jam in forever!” My favorite reaction is when someone leaps out of their chair and runs screaming to the dance floor because their favorite song is playing. Songs that people connect with produce a much bigger reaction than just a song they know. Music has the power to take us back in time like nothing else. Just imagine your friends forgetting about life for a bit and getting lost in your music. This is what I help you do. And I also accept full responsibility for spilled drinks on the dance floor.


Can we see your song list?

Sure. It starts with all the songs you want and need and goes through the songs that came out today. You’ll find plenty of hidden gems that are perfect for the right moment.


What’s included in your fee?

The best reception you, your friends & family have ever been to.


Are there specific genres of music that you specialize in?

As a DJ, I listen to more music than most people do and I love discovering new tunes. My tastes are all over the place depending on how I feel. I love to mix dance music – specifically trance and house music that has a catchy beat [I’m a drummer so this is the 1st thing I hear in a song] and a mesmerizing melody to it. I’m just as happy playing other fun dance tunes as people shake their groove thing.


How will you work with us to create a wedding playlist?

1st by listening to you and understanding who you are as a person and as a couple. If I don’t know much about you, I can’t help you create the right music. Once I learn about you and what you’d love to create, you & I craft your perfect playlist for all to enjoy. The right song at the right time at the right volume is key. You & I will spend plenty of time talking music [among other things] in our detailed creative planning sessions – this is where we create all your magic for your party. There are usually 3 of them, strategically scheduled, with all planning wrapped up a month before your wedding.


What are your favorite first dance songs?

The ones that make your family go “Wow, what an incredible song. It’s so them” as they wipe away a tear.


Have you worked at my venue before?

If I haven’t, by the time your wedding roles around, I’ll know your venue inside & out. I do extensive homework on your venue and if possible, you & I will have at least our final walk-through there a month before your wedding.


What type of equipment do you use?

Only the best. I just upgraded in 2021.


How many breaks do you require?

1 – when I get home after your wedding. You hire me to help you deliver a party you won’t want to leave, not to take breaks. I have a strict policy – I don’t eat and I don’t drink alcohol at your wedding. And please don’t pay anyone in booze – it never goes well.


Do you offer additional services like lighting, photo booth, etc?

Absolutely – you’ll have everything you want & need.


Are you insured?

Yes. Run away from anyone that doesn’t have it.


Thank you for reading. If you’d like to discover all your possibilities for your wedding, drop me a message – JP@JPLEventMagic.com. Cheers!

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