I attended a wedding industry virtual conference last week and we were talking about safety updates and guidelines for weddings. One of the speakers mentioned only 6 out of 10 couples communicate any kind of safety info to their guests, either before or at the wedding. That number should be 10 out of 10!

When you’re deciding to go out some place, a big factor for you is what kind of safety measures will be in place there to keep you safe. This is how we think now. And you can be sure your guests are thinking the same thing about your wedding from the time they get your save-the-date card in the mail.

If your guests don’t know how safe they’ll be, they may end up not going. And this may be from someone you were super excited about seeing and sharing your big day with.

Have a solid plan in place that’s communicated to them in advance. They should know what to expect at your wedding.

Your guests want to know:

  • Is it safe to go?
  • What’s the couple doing to keep me safe?
  • What’s the venue doing to keep me safe?

So, what plan do you have to communicate how you’ll keep everyone safe at your wedding? Do you have a plan? If so, is it detailed & well-thought out? If your answer is “Well, I hope to keep them safe somehow” or worse “I haven’t thought about that yet”, read on my friend.

Share these with your guests before your wedding:

  • Are masks required? You may decide to require them if your venue doesn’t.
  • How many guests will be there? This may help others decide if they want to go.
  • Find out what your venue is doing to keep everyone safe – even just a sentence or 2 saying the venue has safety measures in place is comforting.
  • Will hand sanitizer be available? You may choose to provide more than the venue will.
  • Does your venue have guidelines about where to park and enter from? You may want someone out in the parking lot directing or at least have signs to direct them. Keep directions short and easy to understand. Ex: “When you arrive, please park in the rear lot and only enter through the big red door.”

Include this on a safety card in your save-the-date/invitations. You don’t need to tell them specifics about everything you’re doing, just enough to put them at ease. At your reception, you can give them the rest of the details.

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