Here are some very important questions you might not have thought to ask to keep your big day safe and fun.

  1. Do you have a plan in place to make your wedding the best & SAFEST day ever? You need one.
  2. Do any of your wedding team members have a staff testing policy? Caterer, venue, photo/video, entertainment etc.
  3. Do any of them have a contact tracing policy? If so, make sure you understand it. You may need to provide them with info about your guest list – who are they and where are they from. Or at least have it ready just in case.
  4. What are the mask rules of your wedding team members?
  5. Is there a liability waiver you must sign from any of your wedding team members? If there is, make sure to read it and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.
  6. Does your DJ have a policy about taking requests in person? You may want to have a sign somewhere letting people know.
  7. Where will you get ready the day-of? On-site might not work. Know where this is to avoid surprises. Your planner, coordinator or wedding party members can help.
  8. If you’re having your wedding at a DIY venue [hall, lodge, backyard, etc] who’s enforcing safety rules & regulations? Have a trusted family member/friend to help with this.
  9. What will you do if something’s getting out of hand or someone’s not following rules? Be prepared for this in case someone comes to you with a concern at your event. A trusted family member/friend can deflect any potential headaches away from you by handling it.
  10. What will you do if an issue does come up after your wedding? Hopefully this will never happen to you. If you have event insurance, does it cover this? You may want to run this by a lawyer to see what they say.

Your plate’s full enough with wedding to-do’s already, right? I hear ya. I just want to make sure your wedding doesn’t end up in the news. I’m here to help you any way I can – Cheers.

About the Author, JP Lacey

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